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Please look over the following frequently asked questions regarding web site functionality, vacation rentals and real estate. If you still haven’t found an answer, please contact us with your questions.

Web Site Functionality

Can I make a reservation or view rental availability online?

No. Lundquist Realty & Vacation Rentals currently does not offer reservations or availability online. We are currently looking at potential future options for such services. We understand that these are highly requested features and plan to continue offering the high level of Web service you have come to expect when adding such features. We do appreciate talking to each and every one of you to give you our fullest knowledge and attention!

Why am I unable to see all property listings in my Web browser?

Due to the dynamic content and functionality of our web site, visitors are required to use a modern Web browser with Javascript enabled. If you are encountering problems with navigation or the layout of page content, please update your current Web browser and make sure that Javascript and all additional scripting is turned to “on” or “enabled.” You may update to a modern Web browser by
downloading a free Web browser.

Vacation Rentals

Can Lundquist Realty help me find vacation rental property to purchase?

Yes. With expertise and familiarity of the vacation rental market.

How will I get my security deposit back?

Security deposits will be destroyed within two weeks of checkout if cleaning service inspection shows the property to be left in good condition. We will call with any problems and appreciate renters using care.  We also now have a NO SHOES policy in the properties due to increase in dirt and soil being tracked in and renters paying for carpet cleanings!

How is a rental payment made?

Personal check, money order, cash is accepted. Because all payments are handled within a trust account, we do not accept credit cards. A 50% deposit is required at the time reservation is made with the balance and 11% taxes due at check-in. An additional check for $200-$500 is collected at check-in for security deposit.

Why a no pet and no smoking policy?

To provide as allergy-free of an environment as possible for future renters.

Can I bring my pets?

Can I bring my pets? While pets that remain underwater are acceptable at all of our rentals, critters that don’t live underwater can only stay at properties that allow them. Visit the Vacation Rentals search to find rentals that allow pets. Special instructions and fees apply.

What are potential renter responsibilities for rental properties beyond sheets and linens?

Responsibilities at our rentals vary as much as the properties themselves. Possible responsibilities are:

  • Garbage recycling and disposal may be required.
  • Properties with holding tanks will require renters to monitor tank full light daily and notify Lundquist Realty & Vacation Rentals if light turns on.
  • Supplies to bring: kitchen garbage bags, small supply of dishwasher & dish soap, coffee filters, special spices, paper products(plates,towels,napkins), toilet paper, own toilettries.

Why do I need to provide my own sheets and linens?

Lundquist Realty & Vacation Rentals currently only manages property reservations and cleaning services of rental properties. Due to the variety of bedding options at our properties as well as the wide array of renter needs, it would be costly to offer a full linen service to all of our properties. By handing over linen responsibility to renters, their linen expectations will be met and rental costs can be kept to a minimum.  Washer & dryers are offered in most of the rentals so one only needs to bring minimal towels.

How soon can I place my reservation for next year’s rental?

We usually know our owner’s occupied dates by the beginning of the year. Most properties, not occupied by owners, can be reserved a year in advance. Current renters have the first opportunity to rebook their current rental week(s) for next year before the conclusion of their current rental.

Real Estate

Does Lundquist Realty use the Multiple Listings Service (MLS)?

Yes. Lundquist Realty & Vacation Rentals registers listed property with the Multiple Listings Service (MLS) and also accesses the MLS for potential buyer needs.

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